How Thoughtly Empowers BPOs with AI Agents
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How Thoughtly Empowers BPOs with AI Agents

Mary Correnti
Mary Correnti
Head of Marketing @ Thoughtly
Strategic Insights

At first glance, contact center AI might seem like a threat to outsourcing companies and BPOs. However, at Thoughtly, we view AI as a powerful tool that these companies can leverage to enhance their offerings. After all, BPOs often face the same challenges that contact centers do, such as agent capacity issues, long wait times, and high operational costs. By integrating our AI voice agents, BPOs can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction without compromising on quality.

Enhancing BPO Operations with AI

We proudly partner with multiple BPOs, adding AI agents to their offerings and helping them achieve new levels of performance. Thoughtly doesn't compete with BPOs; instead, we augment their solutions by seamlessly integrating our AI agents into their existing frameworks. This partnership model enables BPOs to scale their operations efficiently while maintaining high-quality service.

Addressing Common BPO Challenges

BPOs, much like contact centers, struggle with managing agent capacity and minimizing wait times for customers. During peak periods, it can be difficult to have enough human agents on hand, leading to increased wait times and potential customer dissatisfaction. Thoughtly’s AI voice agents provide a scalable solution to these issues, handling high volumes of calls and routine inquiries without fatigue, thereby reducing wait times and improving customer experiences.

AI Agent Skills 

From callers managing an insurance claim to locating an order for a retail customer, Thoughtly AI agents are skilled across various industries - making them a natural choice for BPOs.

Setting the Pace in BPO Innovation

With our fully integrated generative AI platform, we are not just keeping up with the competition; we are setting the pace. Our AI agents handle repetitive and time-consuming tasks, freeing up human agents to focus on more complex and value-added activities.

Seamless Integration and Immediate Impact

One of the best aspects of Thoughtly is the ability to avoid lengthy sales cycles and get started for free today. Our AI voice agents can be rapidly deployed, allowing BPOs to see immediate improvements in their operations. This quick integration ensures that our partners can swiftly adapt to the evolving demands of their clients without significant downtime or disruption.

In summary, Thoughtly is dedicated to empowering BPOs with advanced AI solutions that drive efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction. By partnering with us, BPOs can leverage cutting-edge AI technology to enhance their service offerings and stay ahead in a competitive market.

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